Christian Movies

Ugh.  Christian movies…

Cinema is the most upheld art of our current age, I would contend.  It shapes our culture, draws together all the arts –visual, dramatic, aural– into the modern gesamtkunstwerk.  The movie “Inception” is an ode to the power of movies to plant little ideas deep into our conscious to create big ideas.

The thing is, Christians are very bad at this cinema business.  Recent movies that I have seen have been insufferable, and not merely due to lackluster acting and directing as some have claimed.  It’s the cloying emotions, lampshaded platitudes, lack of diverse thought (or well-represented diverse thought) that limit these films only to people who actively want them to be good.  Christians are such a diverse group, and life is such a complicated affair, but these movies are so simplistic in their portrayal.

Jesus used the sinful steward as an example to the pious in one parable, Lk.16:1-13, to commend how the non-religious are sometimes brilliant and perceptive, and how the pious should learn to adapt such thinking to their own lives.  Surely this is a lesson for movie-makers too!  Even as the model Jesus puts up is unscrupulous, so are some of our models in the film industry. So often though, they know how to get a message across. The mainstream film industry is full of lessons to be learned about tact, subtlety, and how to carry a message without writing it in ALL CAPS.

And funny enough, some of those “mammon” films are better at portraying Christian perspective and meaning than some of our overt efforts.  Here’s my list of Christian, or pseudo-Christian, movies that capture a good message that can speak to any audience across denominations and worldviews. (SPOILER WARNING: I’m discussing the good storytelling in these films and will be giving away plot too.  But it’s not like these movies are fresh in the theaters, so why complain…) Continue reading


“Privilege” is a word that I’ve heard much of lately.  It’s a significant concept that helps people discuss broad social situations.  In the mouth of the articulate, privilege merely is used to point out inequalities across demographics.  It is not applied specifically because it isn’t meant to tease apart an individual’s psyche, but instead discuss broad social situations.  Conversations about privilege are good things because they help increase awareness of inequality, and also pull on people to use their imaginations and empathy to dig into another person’s perspective.  Sounds good, right?

So why are people getting uncomfortable with it? Continue reading

Coins in the Coffer

This is an awkward start. As I am writing this, I am very aware of my status as a Nobody. I will post this blog, no one will notice, and one more cent of opinion will join the inflated currency of the Internet. So! What a perfect time to experiment with the new medium. Except for a few forced forays in college, I have never sat on this side of the blogoshpere. It might take me a while to figure out. I love writing out in text, but some of my favourite blogs are done in video/audio. This is going to be an adventure.

So what’s this blog to be about? I’m not quite sure yet. Not about cats, though they might occasionally crop up in reference.

I mean, look at them.

After all, look at ’em.

Not about my life happenings, that’s what my Facebook is for. It’ll be an opinion blog. I do a lot of reading and that turns into a lot of thinking, so this is my opportunity to formalize my thoughts and pass them on to the next reader-thinker. The beauty of a blog is that I can edit things as I get new information…….or at least I think I can. If I figure out how to, there will be an excellent right here —>Yay! Because my opinions are based on my education, they are likely to change. Opinions must be adjusted in life to either amend a position or address a counter, otherwise we might leave ourselves in danger of being stubbornly wrong. The benefit of writing down my opinions is that it means I have to actually look at them, and to think about what other people see when they look at them, and thus to constantly be driven to educate myself.

What range of opinions do I feel like expressing? Oh, culture, media, feminism, religion. I am not a studied expert in any of these, understand, which is why this is a mere opinion blog–my two cents worth, as my family would say. I hope this is the beginning of a good experience.