Welcome to the TwoPennyPosts! In my family, we use an idiom “throw your two cents in” to describe voicing an opinion. It acknowledges that just giving an opinion is a pretty cheap act, hardly an investment in the propagation of ideas. I find this touch of humility meaningful in face of the inflated currency of ideas on the internet. Thus I have chosen the name TwoPennyPosts for this blog, and Tuppence for my pseudonym. Because puns.

More than puns, actually. There are lots of delightful connotations around my titles that I fully embrace. It hints at my fondness for things grown obsolete like postage systems and coinage; it suggests some wishfulness in my thinking like pennies thrown to a fountain; it holds hope that, like the copper in pennies, the substance of my ideas will be worth more than their form; and it also harkens to the concept in Mary Poppins that a mere tuppence can be transmuted into a greater act of kindness.

The writing process is helpful to my thinking process. It is very easy to hold an opinion if you never have to defend or define it, and I hope by writing my opinions out I can check my brain for weak thinking. I may perhaps never get an audience for this blog, but most of the point is for me to have an audience with myself to check for consistency. And if I can find in my thoughts something of value, then I should like to turn those thoughts into something more valuable. We shall see as it comes.

Thanks for reading!



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