Not Dead

I’m sorry to not have posted in a few weeks. As the pandemic has been coming under control in my region, life outside my house is opening up again and my time is diminished by other demands. Plus, I’m still knee-deep in remodeling work inside my home. It’s a case of spending 90% of time time on the last 10% of the work, and not enjoying the work. The paint I’m using on our trim and doors is sticky and dries just a little too fast, which makes it hard to get a smooth texture on the doors I’m painting. For the sake of getting things done, I’m trying not to care too much, but in a way that has shut off other parts of my drive and a lot of my other errands are falling slack too.

And on top of that, I’m just struggling to form any opinion on the next surah in my Quran series. I can’t even really form a bullet-list of items to comment upon. This is due probably to some fatigue on my side but also a facet of the Quran’s repetition. Even my two commentary sets don’t have much to say about Surah 45. Can you help me? Anyone want to read surah 45 and come up with some items you’d like me to research or talk about?

One thought on “Not Dead

  1. I hope the domestic decoration is going well !

    In regards to surah 45, I can see what you mean. The themes and ‘divine flexing’ in there in abundance. I think there are some interesting sections of the surah however. For example, 45:16-17, speaks of ‘knowledge’ coming to the Jews which caused them to fall apart, although the surah stresses it wasn’t the fault of the knowledge itself! Perhaps this ‘knowledge’ is Jesus? What are your opinions?

    I wonder who the figure in ayah 23 is? The man who has ‘taken his desire to be his god’? Is it a person alive during the life of Muhammed or perhaps a biblical figure?

    As an aside, I do enjoy reading the ‘rational’ rebuttals that the Quran addresses in ayah 24-26. Especially, when these sceptics ask for their forefathers to be resurrected to prove the veracity of the Quran’s claims ! The cynical sense of ‘There is not but our worldly life; we die and live, and nothing destroys us except time’ was quite powerful for me.

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