What Is, Is

Something simply is. It exists for its own reason with no beginning and presumably no end. I know something exists because I am experiencing something. I know that I am finite, therefore I also know that something bigger than me has to exist in order to enable my own. Philosophy plays a lot of circular games trying to pinpoint definitions for experience and existence, but let’s just skip all that and lay down an axiom: something just exists and it doesn’t need our awareness to do so.

I spend my life struggling to make sense of the world. The cornerstone for my search for truth is this: what is that ultimate thing that simply exists, and how does that affect us? There are many answers and I’m obsessed with hearing them all–particularly in personal accounts of personal beliefs. I’m interested in hearing each person’s individual struggle to discern the absolute thing that exists and determine how that affects their life. That’s what makes religion. Each time I meet a new person, I have to evaluate their conclusions and reevaluate my own. It’s very tiring, and yet exhilarating, to always be awake to life and existence. It keeps my eyes open to what is beautiful and ugly, and it prevents me from getting lost in my own tiny life and missing the big experience. So if this blog is a brain exercise to help me organize my thoughts enough to communicate, then I’d like to try and lay out the basic gists that I have come across.

What simply is?

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