Am I a feminist?

The conversation usually runs like the last thirty seconds of this video:

To identify a feminist, the person in question is usually asked, “Do you think women should have the same rights as men? Yes?  Then you’re a feminist!”  Another variation is “Do you believe women are lesser beings than men? No? Then you’re a feminist!”  By both those counts, I am a feminist.

So why does my eye twitch a bit at this answer? Continue reading “Feminist?”

The Santa Claus Paradigm

The subject of Christmas–it’s hypocrisies, contradictions, virtues, meanings–is well hashed out. While I was tempted over the season to write a little piece about holiday practices and festivities, it failed to catch enough passion in me to inspire thoughts worth even two cents. But then I had a conversation with a friend, and she dropped reference to the traumatic childhood disappointment of learning that Santa Claus wasn’t real. This dusted off some old thoughts in my mind, and the more I examine them the more upset I get. Continue reading “The Santa Claus Paradigm”